• About Me

Sophisticated and chic with a cheeky sense of humour... meet Miranda.

Miranda Sheppard is a versatile creative force, renowned for her dynamic roles as an Art Director, Creative Consultant, Graphic Designer, and Illustrator. Her journey began as a trailblazing Senior Art Director at Harper’s BAZAAR Australia and Seventeen Magazine in New York, shaping luxury, lifestyle, beauty, and fashion narratives.

About Me

From conceptualizing compelling visual stories to crafting breathtaking illustrations, Miranda’s distinctive style captivates global audiences. Her work has graced the pages of Harper’s BAZAAR, Glamour, and other leading publications, while collaborations with iconic brands like L’Oreal and Dior have solidified her reputation as a visionary in the industry.

Miranda’s portfolio seamlessly blends playful charm with sophisticated elegance. Whether she’s creating bespoke artworks for private commissions, infusing life into brand identities, or producing captivating designs for Camilla Australia’s global fashion house, her passion for creativity knows no bounds.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Miranda cherishes moments of laughter, the elegance of French culture, and the thrill of sipping champagne. Her love for life shines through in every project, reflecting her belief that beauty and optimism can transform the world.

Explore Miranda’s vibrant universe— where creativity reigns supreme and she continues to inspire and innovate.

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